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Here at Utah Fly Guides we don’t want to be the crotchety old geezer that never gives up a fishing secret. We are always willing to help the media, blogs, and public because we believe it is vital to educate and promote fly fishing, especially here in Utah. We’re teachers, accomplished writers, experienced TV personalities, and willing communicators.

We are open for:

  • interviews
  • guest blogging
  • education opportunities
  • help with the Boy Scout fly fishing merit badge

Contact UFG anytime for help with your story or educational effort.

Get Your Free Fly Fishing Info Through UFG

There are certainly few things as cool as feeling the fly rod load and then unload perfectly for the first time, or watching fish sip mayflies from the water’s surface with abandon, or stalking and sight casting to a big wary brown trout. These and many other amazing natural wonders make themselves apparent as you flyfish.

However, if you’re not on the water regularly it takes a few tips and a nod in the right direction for these events to unfold. Utah Fly Guides wants to share our experience and knowledge through our helpful fly fishing blog, fly fishing tips, fishing videos, fish stories, fish pictures, and more. Let us know what you want to see and we’ll be happy to continually update this and all of the other pages in this section of the web site. Enjoy!

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We are on Facebook a lot (too much probably), Twitter, LinkedIn, Pandora, YouTube, and Google+. Connect with us there for real time updates on all the cool fishing we’re doing and shenanigans we might be pulling on each other. We’re always willing to chat and share pictures or videos you might have from some fishing adventure somewhere. We sometimes give away cool stuff too. Just follow, connect, friend, like, join or whatever it is.

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