Your Fly Fishing Trip with UFG

Take the fly fishing vacation you deserve. Utah offers incredible fly fishing for good numbers of fish and the occasional trophy. The experienced professionals at Utah Fly Guides will make sure that your fly fishing trip meets all your expectations.

Enjoy World-Class Fly Fishing

Utah has some of the best fly fishing rivers in the world. You may have heard of some of them, like the Green River and the Provo River, but many quiet little streams lie hidden in remote parts of the state that rarely see an angler. Our fly fishing guides are experts, knowing how to find the trophy fish in the bigger rivers like the Green, Provo, and Weber, but also in knowing when to concentrate on the incredible fly fishing available on many of the hidden streams and out of the way spots. From the moment you meet us our focus is on you and what you want from your fly fishing trip. From food to individual attention and fly fishing instruction,  you will be well cared for.

This is your fishing trip.

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fly fishing trip on the Provo River in winter
Big rainbow trout in Utah

Exclusive Fly Fishing Destinations

Utah Fly Guides has access to several exclusive rivers, streams, and lakes. Some of these are on protected property and some are simply way off the beaten path. Our access to these waters ensure that you will escape the crowds and have quality fish ready and waiting. The owners of our accessible private ranches work hard to protect their fisheries and ecosystems to ensure the habitat is there for incredible trout numbers and sizes. You may not, catch every 10 pound trout in the river or lake, but you will know they are there and you will be the only one casting at them. Most of our exclusive fly fishing options are located in Northern and Eastern Utah and are within driving distance of Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Your Needs Matter

Our fly fishing trips center around you. You won’t ever feel like just a part of the program. Your needs matter to us and we try to take care of every detail. We will provide all the necessary equipment and the transportation to the river, stream, or lake that we will be fishing. Our guides spend nearly all of their free time fishing so we know what is happening on each river each day and we are excited to show you all of our secret fishing spots.

We take care of the details, just for you.

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Your fly fishing trip to Utah will be truly unique.

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