Fly Fishing Schools and Classes

Unlike some forms of fishing, fly fishing requires proper techniques to be successful. The best way to learn to fly fish is to be taught by an expert.

Learn to Fly Fish with UFG

Fly fishing requires more education, instruction, and practice than most other kinds of fishing, but the rewards of these learning efforts are far greater. Every beginning fly fisher experiences some frustration, but the very best way to move beyond the more frustrating stages is to learn the basic techniques, set up, and fishing tactics with expert-taught fly fishing lessons.

Our fly fishing schools or classes come in two categories to match the needs of most anglers. Group classes are an economical way to get a basic understanding and a good start. Individual instruction will help you to progress quickly towards self-sufficiency and even mastery of this lifelong skill and art. Your professional instructor will know the techniques necessary to help you to take your fly fishing skills to the next level.

Learn to fish with private fly fishing lessons or a UFG fly fishing school.

Individual Fly Fishing Lessons

Our curricula can be tailored to meet your specific needs and desires. Whether you want to get a start, work on your overall game, or fine tune specific techniques, we can accommodate your needs. Similar to a guided day of fishing, an individual fly fishing lesson will provide one on one instruction. You will learn everything from the basics to more advanced techniques and you will do it on the water for a chance to catch fish as you learn. This type of fly fishing lesson is suited for anglers at any level, from the beginner looking to get a solid foundation, all the way to the intermediate or expert angler looking to polish a certain skill. Individual or private fly fishing lessons can be scheduled for any time of year and can be taught on rivers, small streams, or lakes, depending on the techniques the angler would like to master. Rates are the same as either a half or full day of guided fishing but the focus is on teaching and learning.

Utah Fly Fishing School

Group Fly Fishing Schools

A group fly fishing school is perfect as a foundation for the person that thinks they may want to get into fly fishing. Utah Fly Guide’s group schools are offered based on demand and generally at less busy times of year (late spring and late summer). If you have a group of at least 4 anglers we can schedule a group school just for your group or you can get on our schools list and be notified when we have a school scheduled. We generally offer beginner fly fishing schools but we can also schedule intermediate or advanced group schools and specialized subject schools (Czech nymphing, casting, lake fishing) according to demand. The best way to stay informed of our group school dates is to join our email list. Group fly fishing schools generally have a 1:4 instructor to student ratio. Rates for group schools are $125 per student and schools last 8 hours with a break for lunch.

Learn to fly fish today. Contact UFG for rates and availability.