Catch trophy trout with on exclusive private waters!

Trophy Fly Fishing in Private Waters

We have access to several stretches of private fly fishing in Utah creeks and rivers as well as fly-fishing-only private fly fishing lakes. These amazing private waters offer unbelievable fishing, total exclusivity, and trophy fish that don’t get harassed on a daily basis.

Have the River or Lake All to Yourself!

Our amazing Utah private fly fishing waters see very few anglers due to strict management and limits on the number of rods allowed. However, all of our guides have been lucky enough to fish these exclusive waters on a regular basis so they can show you their secrets. Because of the management attention given to excellent private fly fishing in Utah fisheries you will have the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime with Utah Fly Guides.

Private Fly Fishing Rates

Because of the costs associated with maintaining the excellent habitat of these private fly fishing areas, additional rod fees or access fees, usually about $50 – $100 per angler per day, apply on most of our private waters. Contact Utah Fly Guides for more information on availability of specific waters, rod fees, and available dates.

Give us a call for incredible private fly fishing options only available through UFG!

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