Utah, Home to Some of the Best Fly Fishing Waters in the West

Utah is situated on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains and has some of the finest trout streams and lakes in the world. To say it is unique is a great understatement. From the red-rock country in the south to the massive mountain wilderness areas in the central and northern part of the state, you simply have to experience Utah’s amazing scenery, crystal clear waters, and healthy populations of wild trout to believe it.

Utah’s Top Trout Streams

Utah is home to some of the greatest fly fishing rivers and streams in the world. Two rivers in particular are very well known and rank high on the lists of best North American fly fishing streams. The amazing and scenic Green River is world-renowned for its high brown trout and rainbow trout populations and large brightly-colored fish that often eat large dry flies. The Provo River is a trout-filled gem of a river that flows only minutes from the Salt Lake City metro area and fishes well in every single month of the year. Utah Fly Guides and our partners know these two rivers intimately and would love to show you their secrets.

Fish Utah’s famous waters for high trout numbers in clear waters.

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Middle Provo River Fly Fishing Guides

Utah’s Hidden Trout Streams

Perhaps even more amazing than the fishing to be found in the Provo and Green Rivers are the hundreds of  small streams, rivers, and lakes in Utah that go almost unnoticed. These waters offer fishing that can rival any of the West’s big-name trout streams. Many of these amazing waters lie in remote places far from population centers but a few are close to town and simply get overlooked. Many of Utah’s best waters are small streams. Due to their unique geology and biology, many of these Utah small streams produce surprisingly large trout. In fact a few of Utah’s hidden waters are known to produce fish of incredible size on a regular basis.

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Fish Exclusive Waters with UFG

Utah Fly Guides also offers exclusive access to some of the West’s most productive private lakes and streams. These protected lakes and rivers offer complete exclusivity and trophy trout populations that are managed for optimal growth and health. Our exclusive fisheries range from small streams and rivers to small lakes and can be booked in conjunction with a full service fly fishing & lodging package or as a single day trip from the Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, or Park City areas.

Fish Utah’s famous waters for high trout numbers in clear waters.

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Your fly fishing trip to Utah will be truly unique.

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