Experience Small Stream Fly Fishing the Way it Used To Be

Join UFG for a day away from the hustle and bustle on one of Utah’s hidden gems. Small stream fly fishing is a Utah specialty and UFG can show you where to go and how to catch fish on Utah’s hidden waters.

Fly Fishing a Small Stream, Get Away with UFG

Utah, especially the Salt Lake City area, is metropolitan in many ways. However, almost all of the state’s population resides near Salt Lake City on the Wasatch Front, an area that takes up very little of the state’s total area. This means that the rest of Utah is vast and largely untouched, with mountains and wilderness areas that are perfect for fly fishing and outdoor recreation adventures. You’ll be miles from everywhere with great fishing at the same time; this really is small stream fly fishing the way it used to be.

Enjoy Utah’s unique secret waters and small stream fly fishing adventures.

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Short Casts and Big Fish

We’ve heard it repeated many times: “Really!?! Fish that big live in this little stream?”

Yes, they do, and you can catch them. Many of Utah’s small streams are either spring fed or flow through areas with mostly soft rock geology, which contributes more nutrients to their waters than occurs in most other areas. The nutrient-rich water makes it possible for these small streams to support large insect populations and, more importantly, many relatively large fish. What’s even better is that many of Utah’s small streams are often remote or overlooked and get very light fishing pressure. These little streams are like a breath of fresh air to anglers tired of fishing big wind-swept rivers with hoards of other anglers, bumper boats, and splashing tourists.

Large trout in small water, a Utah Fly Guides specialty.

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Small Stream Experts

Utah Fly Guides takes great pride in knowing the locations, as well as the methods for Utah’s hidden creeks, brooks, and streams. Your guide will know where every little pool and good holding spot is and may even seem to know some of the fish individually. Much of the time you will be dry fly fishing with short casts so these streams are perfect for beginners. Many of these waters also offer the challenge of sight fishing to large browns that stake out a territory, a perfect situation for the accomplished angler looking to write a great story in their fishing history book. Whatever your fly fishing abilities, a trip to one of Utah’s hidden streams with Utah Fly Guides will be a pure delight.

Learn to fish small streams with UFG.

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Explore hidden waters and small stream fly fishing in Utah.

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