Fish the Weber River Near Park City with Utah Fly Guides

The Weber River offers anglers the chance to catch trophy brown trout along with rainbows, cutthroats, and mountain whitefish. The Weber fishes well through most of its reach but the section between Rockport Reservoir and Eco Reservoir is close to Park City, holds some nice browns, and fishes well most of the year.

Fish the Weber River with UFG

The Weber River presents you the chance to catch some truly trophy brown trout. In addition, rainbows and a few cutthroats can be found in most sections, and there are even a few brook trout in the upper reaches. The Weber is essentially divided into three sections by two big reservoirs, much like the Provo and the Green Rivers. Although these sections don’t really have the established section names like the more famous Utah rivers, each tailwater section produces good fishing at certain times of the year.

Fly fishing on the Weber River is better with Utah Fly Guides.

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The Bonefish of the Rockies

The Weber River shouldn’t be mentioned without also mentioning the prodigious population of Mountain Whitefish. Many anglers prefer to avoid these cylindrical cousins of the Arctic Grayling. While we certainly target trophy trout in the Weber, we here at UFG are happy to catch a few whitefish along the way. They are happy to take a nymph, fight well, and are actually a good indicator of river health. Besides their sporting qualities, juvenile Mountain Whitefish provide great forage for the big carnivorous brown trout that call the Weber home.

Fly fishing is fun, whatever the fish.

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Fly Fishing the Weber River near Park City, UT.

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